Could You Take a More Natural Approach to Your Stomach Problems?

If you've been struggling with gastrointestinal difficulties for a long time and have been back and forth with your doctor, you may be running out of patience. They may have tried to diagnose you with certain conditions and prescribed medication to relieve your symptoms, but, all too often, these approaches may not work. Could your problems be linked to a certain type of food, and if so, could you take a more natural approach to your healing instead?

Food Sensitivity Testing

If you've never taken a food sensitivity test, now may be a good time to consider it. You may be able to unearth the underlying cause of your health problems, which may be linked to a certain type of food or even to dietary supplements.

Intolerance and Sensitivity

It's important to remember that you do not need to be allergic to a particular food to encounter a reaction. You could be intolerant or simply sensitive to the particular food, and both of these conditions may cause an immune-related reaction.

Some Examples

Some people have lactose intolerance, for example, and find it difficult to digest lactose, a sugary compound found in dairy products. In this case, they may not have the necessary digestive enzyme to deal with that part of the process. Other people have sensitivities that generate more subtle but nevertheless annoying symptoms. Worst still, these symptoms may appear days after having eaten the food, which can make it very difficult to put your finger on a culprit. While gastrointestinal issues may be your biggest challenge, food sensitivities can cause mood issues, cold-like symptoms, skin conditions and other issues.

Treatment Options

If you do take some food sensitivity tests, there are many ways that you can proceed when you get the results. Depending on your situation, you may want to start an elimination diet, adding the potential offenders back in one at a time to see how you react. You can try eliminating refined carbs and sugar while opting for fruit, veg and other whole foods. If it is clear that you have inflammation in your gut lining, you may need to look at specific anti-inflammatory formulas or foods to put matters right.

Getting Guidance

Remember, you do not have to take prescription medications to try and resolve problems without looking at alternatives. Your family doctor may not consider food sensitivity testing either but seeing as you're the one with the problems, you ought to think about it. For further guidance, why not talk to a naturopathic consultant as well? Contact a naturopath in your area to learn more.