Alternative Treatments for Colic in Children

Colic is one of the most worrisome conditions for most parents with newborn children. The condition usually hits its lowest point between 6 to 8 weeks after birth. The most worrying thing about colic is that the child cries for hours and soothing them is close to impossible. If your child has been diagnosed with colic and you have tried all the treatments and natural remedies in the book but none seem to work, it is time to think about chiropractic relief.

Colic causes and how chiropractic helps

The exact cause of colic remains a medical mystery. However, medical professionals believe that a combination of the baby's temperament and an immature nervous system could be to blame for the condition. The condition is worse at 6 to 8 weeks, but by 14 weeks the baby has learned how to better deal with their discomfort. However, some children suffer from the problem up to the time when they are three months old. It is important to note that digestive issues do not cause colic. Chiropractic care is useful because it stimulates and soothes the nervous system, relaxing the baby.

Chiropractic adjustment

The procedure which is performed to treat colic in babies is known as chiropractic adjustment. During the adjustment, the chiropractor applies a small amount of controlled force to a spinal joint. The sudden but controlled force is meant to correct any malfunctions with the spinal cord and improve the body's physical function. The goal of performing the procedure on a young child is to manipulate the spine and stimulate its growth and development. Many parents say that immediately after they start taking their children for adjustment, the symptoms reduce, and the babies start sleeping more soundly.

Treatment timeline

You will need to make a few visits to a children's chiropractor for the treatment to work. When you make the first visit, the doctor will assess the condition of the child and determine the number of visits needed. Typically, four to six trips which are scheduled fortnightly are useful. You can expect results from as early as the first visit.

When you use chiropractic care to treat colic in your child, you eliminate the need for drugs and medication. The critical thing to remember is that you need to get a competent chiropractor that you can trust to manipulate your child's spinal system. With a skilled expert, colic will be a thing of the past.