The Indispensable Aquatic Therapy for Chronic Spine Pain

During the hot and warm seasons, the high temperatures may make it hard for you to exercise your body, especially if you suffer from frequent spine pain. Due to this weather criticality, you find that experts have come up with better methods of exercise that help you avoid the scorching sun and the risk of dehydration. In this piece, you get to have a better understanding of aquatic therapy for your chronic spine pain.

Load Bearing

When immersed in water, the human body thrusts up proving its high buoyancy. Aquatic therapy uses this technique whereby the load on your spine reduces due to the buoyancy assumption. With this, you get to concentrate on your exercise since the conditions are conducive, both in gravity and in the temperatures. If in any case, you are dealing with spinal disc problems, your body can adjust in a fast mode hence accelerating the healing process.


Exercising in water is ideal for you since you can freely twist and move thereby allowing your body to do a full range of motions to rehabilitate your spine. Some of these moves and twists are utterly unachievable when on land hence giving you the increased mobility advantage. This technique is most useful when one is experiencing lower back pains.


Spinal issues and complications affect the balance of the body whereby one tends to bend or experience pain when exercising on land. If you have had spinal and nerve breakdowns, you get to feel a sharp pain causing you to lose balance. While taking part in the aquatic spine therapy, you gain better stability since there is no chance of falling while in water. The muscles on your feet get stronger thereby giving you better balance while on land.


There is that soothing sensation that one gets while in water. The main reason is that there is increased blood supply to the sore joints and muscles hence bringing about that relaxing feel. The patient can experience less pain as he or she exercises in water as opposed to when he or she is on land. As a result, the mind takes off the anxiety spearheading the healing process.

In conclusion to this, it is vital for you to contact your aquatic therapist on the ideal technique for your spine condition. Ensure that you discuss the exercises to do while in water so that you do not engage in those that will hurt your body. With all these put into considering, you get to recuperate and recover faster from the spinal pains.