How Can Chiropracters Help With Sciatica

If you suffer from sciatica you will be very familiar with the symptoms, and you may have visited chiropractors in the past for treatment. Pain usually originates in the lower back and can travel into both legs or just one. You may experience sciatic pain frequently, or it may be occasional or brought on by particular activities. Symptoms can include achy, dull, sharp or toothache-like pain that can be severe or minimal. However this disorder affects you, it is important to seek professional help. Fortunately, relief may lie in the hands of chiropractors who are trained to treat this condition. 

Professional Diagnosis Is Essential

It is important that you seek the professional opinion of a chiropractor before you take any treatment for your condition. Professional chiropractors experienced with sciatica will know the signs and symptoms to look out for and will discuss next steps with you regarding treatment and managing your pain. Diagnosis can be carried out in a number of ways, including CT scan, MRI or an x-ray. Not only will these tests confirm or dismiss sciatica as the cause of your pain, but will also help to pinpoint the right treatment plan for you. 

How Chiropractors Treat Sciatica

The good news is that chiropractors have a number of treatments up their sleeves when it comes to sciatica relief. The purpose of treatment from a chiropractor is to encourage the body to heal itself. The science  focuses on spinal movement and how certain conditions can be caused when the spine is restricted or experiencing other problems. All chiropractic care is non-invasive and free from drugs. 

The type of therapy chiropractors recommend will depend on the cause and severity of your sciatica. For example, they may suggest ice or cold therapy that helps to ease inflammation and pain. You may also be prescribed a course of ultrasound treatments that penetrate tissues with sound waves that help to increase circulation and reduce cramping and swelling. A TENS machine may also provide relief. This small box of tricks is battery-powered and stimulates the muscles with an electrical current. This can help to control acute pain and stop muscles from spasming. 

However your sciatica affects you, you don't need to suffer. There are many chiropractors that can help you to control the pain and prevent you from experiencing sciatica symptoms completely. The treatment you receive and the outcome you experience will depend largely on the scale of your sciatica and the treatments your chiropractor suggests.